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Not an OTM Team Member? You can still compete in track meets as an unattached athlete

How to create an account with prior to registering for a track meet...

Create an Account with

First time registering only....

Go to and click ONLINE REGISTRATION to open the calendar page

Search for the meet you'd like to enter



Click ADD ACCOUNT at the top of the page

Select #2 and click NEXT to create an unattached athlete account

Reply NO when asked if you are an AAU or USATF member if needed

Fill in all of the information, leaving USATF number field blank if needed


ACTIVATE ACCOUNT via the code sent to your email address

You will see your homepage after you create your account

To add more athletes (multiple children), click Add/Edit Athletes and then Add Athlete

After all of your athletes have been added, click My Home

Click the red X beside the meet name if you'd like to remove it

How to register for each track meet...

Register for a Track Meet

Follow the directions below when registering for each individual track meet...


Click on the meet you'd like to enter

Details for the meet will be on this page OR by clicking MEET SETUP SUMMARY


Click ENTER ATHLETE (at the top of the page above the meet title)

Click on the athlete's name that you'd like to enter

Select the events for which you'd like to register

If you have a previous time/distance, enter it beside the event. If not, just leave blank.


Repeat above steps with all family members

Click Submit Entry

Complete payment and confirm registration

Registration Tips

If you're new to track and field, register for events that sound fun! It's all about the experience and getting a personal record (PR) for you - don't worry if you're not the very best...just give your very best.

If a detailed schedule of the meet is posted on coacho , refer to it when deciding which events to register for. (This would be found under "Meet Information" or "Meet Schedule" on the meet homepage.) If you're not wanting to spend the day at the track meet, try to choose events that look closer together in time.

The age your athlete will be on 12.31.24 is the age category they will compete in, unless otherwise noted on the meet set up summary.

A "rolling" schedule means they'll start the first event at a certain time and just move down the list of events as quickly as they can. It's hard to estimate specific event times on a rolling schedule - you just have to be ready for check-in as your event approaches.

Track Meet Tips

Come prepared to hang out... track meets have a reputation of taking a long time. So bring a lunch, snacks, sunscreen, and plenty to drink.

When you get to the track meet, you will need to get your athlete's race bib and wristband. The bib will need to be attached to their jersey before they compete.

You, the parent, are responsible for getting your athlete to their registered events. Sometimes officials will let parents go to the field event location with their child; other times you just have to watch from the sidelines.


Listen for the loud speaker announcing check in for running and field events. Generally, for running events, check-in is one or two events before their competing event. Check-in will usually be at a table, where they'll possibly give you a numbered sticker to place on your hip. For field events, check-in will be at the field event competition location.

Running events take precedence over field events. If it looks like you may have a conflict, quickly check into your field event, tell the official you have to go race, then compete in your running event. Return to your field event to compete as quickly as possible- even if you're late. The official should let you get your throws or jumps in. *The high jump official will make you jump whatever height they are currently at in the competition (they will not lower the bar).  

Track meets are a great opportunity to make friends, build community, and set personal records (PRs).  If your child sticks with track and field as they grow older, they will make friends from other teams that they'll see year after year. We hope that you and your family are able to make memories at track meets this summer!

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